A modern approach to furniture

A Modern Approach to Furniture

Exceptional quality. Accessible interior design. Complete flexibility.

Find your style


Select the styles that make you smile

It takes art and science. Our interior designers and Ph.D. scientists have joined forces to craft the most elegant deep learning system that will help you discover your most nuanced tastes.

Customized for your floor plan


Give us the lowdown on your layout

We work closely with apartment complexes in Downtown Los Angeles and know these buildings inside-out. We have their floor plans on file, and know the measurements and interior finishings of each unit.

Just tell us which layout matches your unit and we'll be able to use all that information to find the best-fitting furniture for your particular space.

Don't see your building? Let us know which one you're in and we'll hunt down those floor plans for you!

Personalized design for your home


Get a plan that's uniquely you

It hasn't even been 3 minutes from when you started the quiz and here we have your personalized design. If you're not completely satisfied, our stylists will always be available to work with you until you have a collection that you love.

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